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Hurts To Watch -If you don’t believe in UFO’s you probably should

Most people out there have always wondered the same thing… “Do u.f.o.’s and aliens really exist?” There seems to be a lot of people out there that are very curious about this matter. So we have put a very informative video that someone posted in or forum at www.HurtsToWatch.Us  This video contains multiple creditable people that have witnessed many things inside and outside our government. Now at the end of the day it’s your choice on whether you believe it or not, but you have to wonder what’s really going out there in our universe! We hope that this video gives you a great amount of information on the subject and helps answer or solve any doubts that you might have or had.  

UFO Disclosure Project


Hurts To Watch -The Video Hillary Doesn’t Want You To See

Here At our purpose is to keep you informed on news that’s either new or old. The reason that we do this is because in some or most cases it takes a while for the true or whole story to come out the first time it’s told. You see in our experience with “dishonest people” you have to ask them questions one at a time and more then once because every time you’ll get a different answer or answers. That being the case this video is not here to serve as any political propaganda nor to help or hurt any ones chances of winning elections.. But when you throw the facts out there in the open and catch a “dishonest person” in the act it helps to see their true colors. The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See! (1of2)  
The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See! (2of2)  

Hurts To Watch-The Air We Breathe is Being Compromised!

The air we breathe is being compromised not only by our government but people that have so much money that they don’t even know what to do with it! This is a covert operation that is being done with or without our consent or permission as a so called “democratic society”! The name we like to use is “Aerosal Crimes” or “Chemtrails”. This is such a secret operation that the purpose behind it isn’t really understood or explained but the government does admit to chemtrails existing. Through lots of research and people taking it upon themselves to study the matter scientifically there has been a couple of theories arise on why this is going on. Here are some of them if not all of them…

  • Environmental Modification– A water seeking salt has been highly introduced as one of the components in these trails. It has been logged that these procedures are highly introduced to the atmosphere before an approaching storm. These salts have the effect of locking up moisture with these solid particles, and modifies the amount of moisture that saturates the ground. The moisture of the planet has become one of the most precious and sought after resource. There are also people that say the aerosols help mitigate the increasing global warming but the elements  and substances in these aerosols actually help increase heat in the lower levels of the atmosphere rather then decrease it. This actually aggravates the conditions of a drought when the aerosols are introduced. Storms depend on the electrical changes in the atmosphere and lightning is the result of electrical imbalances that occur between the earth and the atmosphere altering the collection and distribution of rainfall. The United States Air Force has publicly released a doctrine of “owning the weather by 2025” and many belive that some of these objectives have already been accomplished!
  • Electromagnetic Operations– The electromagnetic properties of the atmosphere have likely been changed as well. An ion is a charged electrical particle and the data shows that massive amounts have been easily ionized particles are an important part of the grand geophysical nature. There are some elements that can actually become charged with the energy from ultra violet light and even visible light in some cases. Barium is one such element that falls into this category. The implications of being able to modify the atmosphere electrically and magnetically are enormous. A small change can make a huge effect in the atmosphere. As said in a document from Lancaster University “…Although less then 1% of the upper atmosphere becomes ionized the charged gas make the particles electrically conducting which completely changes its characteristics. The ionosphere can carry electrical currents as well as reflect, deflect, and scatter radio waves”. Works just like a neon light. It has an ionized gas inside that an energy can easly be sent through that tube which in that case would create light. Also known as plasma energy.
  • Military Operations– CONTROL! When the atmosphere of the planet is being controlled, life of the planet is being controlled! Just look up HAARP under the categories section of
  • Biological Operations– In 1977 the U.S. Senate held hearings on biological testing by the Department of Defense on human subjects without their informed consent. Biological components have been repeatedly found in the tests of atmospheric samples for a period of several years. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has refused to identify physical material that has been demonstrated to contain biological’s of the same form.
  • Geophysical Change– All these things accumulated together affect the Earth that we live in and many reputable agencies and companies state that they see more changes in the Earth now then ever and continue to grow.

Here are what these aerosols look like. These videos were made by in the homes and neighborhoods we all live in and it Hurts To Watch but the longer we let this continue the more difficult it might be to reverse the damage. Talk to your friends, family, and local Government representatives. Ask for an investigation on what this is and how it could be affecting us. All we know here is that anything secret cannot be good.

Hurts To Watch -Why We Will Never Get Out Of Debt

Ask yourself 4 simple questions?….

  1. Why do Governments choose to borrow money from private banks at INTEREST when governments could create all the INTEREST FREE money it needs itself?
  2. Why create money as DEBT at all? Why not create money that circulates PERMANENTLY and doesn’t have to be re-borrowed perpetually as interest in order to exist?
  3. How can a money system dependant on perpetually accelerating growth be used to build a sustainable economy?
  4. What makes it about our system that makes it dependant on perpetual growth? What needs to be changed to allow the creation of a sustainable economy?

Find Out The Answers In This Film? (Very Educational)


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2. Corrupt Banking System – How Money is Created (2/5)

3. Corrupt Banking System – Money is Debt (3/5)

4. Corrupt Banking System – Monetary Reform (4/5)

5. Corrupt Banking System – Warning About the NWO (5/5)

Hurts To Watch -The Biggest Voting Scam Out There!

It is understandable being upset when you feel that your vote doesn’t count because an election doesn’t go the way you expected or a law that you assumed would be shot down slips right through. This However is blatantly showing that our votes really don’t count. How are we as the people of this country supposed to be assured that our representatives are actually voting for what their electors want. How are we even supposed to believe that OUR representatives are actually the ones voting?? When there is such an obvious disregard to the people’s opinion that just Hurts To Watch.

Hurts To Watch – 2008 Election Results Revealed By Voting Machines!

(Please be aware that this is not a real news story, but we did think that the sarcasm in it is harshly true.)

Hurts To Watch -A Must See Before You Do Your Taxes!!!

There has been a lot of talk and rumors about not having to pay your income taxes in the last couple of years on the web and even in the news. With tax season in full bloom and many people and companies making money off of us having to file taxes we thought it would be a nice reminder to stir up the talk about not having to pay an income tax. This documentary by Aaron Russo called “America: From Freedom To Fascism” touches in all kind of aspects on this subject. He even sets up a meeting with one of the directors of the I.R.S. to ask him personally if we do or do not have to pay an income tax. The answer will astonish you and make your jaw hit the floor. There are so many facts touched upon in this documentary including actual cases that people have fought and won in court for not paying their taxes. This is just another one of those constitutional rights that been mangled and twisted throughout the years of our countries history that we need to be more aware of even though it Hurts To Watch. Please take the time to watch the entire movie in full because every part just keeps getting better and better as it goes along. What we like the most is that the movie starts with explaining how this all started and who were the men involved. Please take this seriously and we would like to know what you think or if you have any information stating otherwise. Remember that we are open to constructive criticism and any information that proves this movie is wrong or out of context.

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